Our Services

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How Our Team Builds Value

Property Management

  • Property Preparation for Rental and Leasing
  • Market Analysis to establish the ideal rent price point
  • Strategic Marketing Plan and Lead Generation
  • Appointment Coordination and Personal Showings any time or day of the week
  • Meticulous and thorough screening and qualifying of tenants

Property Leasing

  • Rent Collection
  • Timely Direct Deposits of Rent to Owner Bank Accounts
  • Revenue and Expense Report Monthly Profit and Loss Statements
  • Annual Tax Statement Preparation
  • Customized Maintenance Coordination

End-to-End Client Management Software

  • Real-time Access to Rental Property Performance
  • Owner Statements
  • Payment History
  • Repair History
  • Work Order Requests
  • All Portfolio documents
  • Invoices

Repair & Utility Network

  • Extensive Network of Licensed Handymen, Contractors, and Home Warranty Companies across the Bay Area
  • On-Call Repairs and Scheduled Repair Coordination
  • Annual Inspections
  • Deep Knowledge of County-Specific Regulations and Ordinances

Contract Management

  • Up-to-Date creation of Legally Binding Lease/Rental Contract Agreements
  • Full Lifecycle Management of Contract Verification, Inspection, Signing, and Addendums
  • Pre-Tenant move-in Property Photo Recordings for Owner’s Protection

Move-In Coordination

  • Service for New Tenant Move-In and Scheduling
  • Community Resources, Utility Phone Numbers, and School District Website Links and Phone Numbers

A home deserves to be seen at its best, and AM Property Management is here to make that happen. We guarantee your property will be portrayed in its best possible light, from photography to lead-generation marketing, and even the possibility of an open house depending on the client’s wants and needs. If you choose AM Property Management to care for your property, it will be achieved with consistent inspection and care to ensure your property remains top-value.

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